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After acting and featuring in several productions including movies, TV series, commercials and more, actor Doreen Mirembe (pictured above) embarked on a new journey of Film Producing starting with her first production “A dog story” a fiction short film laced with humor and packed with intrigue love and drama

Doreen Mirembe is a dental assistant by professional at Pan Dental Surgery who has been in the acting world for years. She is one of the actors that started building their careers through Mariam Ndagire and went on to star in several movies like Belated Troubles, No Lie, Love Makanika and the NTV series Deception. Doreen Mirembe  also has a role in the upcoming Disney Movie “Queen of Katwe” that’s starring the popular Lupita Ny’ongo. 

Speaking exclusively to the Samuel Saviour blog, Doreen Mirembe explained “I wanted to tell a story about a rebel, I believe that despite the fact that we all take rebels as ruthless people, they might somehow be kind with a heart that can fall in love at times”

A Dog Story is a story she developed in 2013 while still deep in the acting world but by that time she wasn’t well equipped to produce the story herself. Not being well versed with script/screenplay writing, putting her story down on paper was a hustle yet she wanted to tell the story herself. So she decided to persevere until the time was right. By late 2014, she got in touch with Luswata Musa (a script writer) who taught her about story, script and screenplay writing. 

A Dog story follows the captivity of Atim a rebel abductee from Amuria and what becomes of her rebel captor and supposed future husband Bongowat.

Wanting to execute the film in the perspective she wanted, she ended casting herself in the lead role since she couldn’t trust anyone else to pull off the character she visualized. At first an actor (name withheld) was cast to be the male lead which he positively responded to.

“I never knew how it feels like to be a producer and actor at the same time, but trust me, it’s a lot of stress” Doreen stated

They scheduled the shoot a couple of times as they kept on postponing but by late January they  decided to make a final date of shooting which  was on the 27th. Unfortunately on that very morning as they had organized to head to set, the male lead (name withheld) got an emergency and couldn’t be on set in the agreed time, this caused an abrupt setback but luckily, they got a backup actor “Micheal Wawuyo (Junior)” who had to read, understand and execute the story just a few hours to the shoot. The cast is supported with other actors like Zziwa Jaubarl and Opio Opolot.

She adds saying, they wanted to shoot this film upcountry in areas like Gulu but due to the budget, they had to compromise and create a set that could looked a bit like what they wanted,  “the cast and crew team helped me that night before the shoot, we had to construct the set and the huts in just one night so as to create the environment the script demanded for, I had a terrible experience on the shoot day, the setback of the lead actor where we had to get a fill in character I barely knew, being the producer to sort out everything on set at the same time as part of the main cast for the female lead role “Atim”, it’s really tough to be a producer and lead actor at the same time” she claimed

Recently, “A Dog Story” movie facebook page updated telling its fans that it had been nominated in the Uganda Film Festival 2015 edition in the Best Short Film Category

She concluded by saying that she had no hopes of premiering the movie but rather considered having a normal screening whose dates will be communicated soon.



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