For our final episode of the year we asked 15 past guests and a few friends to talk about their favorite movie of the year. So listen to this variety of choices and some consensus on greatest movies made in 2018. Ranging from Mission Impossible to Destination Wedding to Star Wars and Jennifer Fox’s The Tale.

Actress and TV producer Brenda Ibarah joins Sharon to discuss the struggles of pursuing acting in the Ugandan film industry, what its like producing TV shows in today’s media and after that they discuss Brenda’s favorite film trilogy Richard Linklater’s “Before Trilogy”

Friend of podcast Malcolm Bigyemano is premiering his next short film ‘MAWE!’ on the 7th of June at The Square, Industrial Area, Kampala at 7pm. He will be releasing the film as part of a short film collection alongside two of his other short films ‘Pregnant Woman Stabs Husband Dead’ and ‘Jethro x Jethro’.

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Listen to a previous episode with Malcolm where he talked about the film right before filming began;