Wakaliwood releases insane new trailer for Operation Kakongoliro! The Uganda Expendables


Wakaliwood took Uganda and the International film Industry by storm with their cult hits Who Killed Captain Alex? and Tebaatusasula. Ramon Film Productions is clearly back back to their old tricks with Operation Kakongoliro! The Uganda Expendables. Watch the trailer below;

Insane right?? In case you’re not familiar with them, Wakaliwood prides itself in making action packed films with a lot of fighting and over the top CGI that is used so shamelessly you just have to love it.

The effects in this trailer are looking significantly better than their first film Who Killed Captain Alex? which was made on a $200 budget. According to Dangerousminds.net, Operation Kakongoliro! The Uganda Expendables had a budget of $2000 so I guess we should expects some improvements in the special effects.

These guys are great, I’m definitely looking forward to this.

If all this has got you yearning for more, Who Killed Captain Alex? is free on Youtube, watch it below;



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