Deadpool – Movie Review


Deadpool is absolutely insane, offensive, crude, ridiculous and I loved every minute of it. Starting from the opening credits which refer to the film producers as “asshats” and the director as an “overpaid tool”, I just knew this movie wasn’t going to hold back at all.

It’s a movie that exists in a world that knows we have too many superhero movies and makes fun of it’s actors, other superhero movies and actors that don’t even appear. The writers and Ryan Reynolds are indeed the real stars of the film, it’s simply one of the funniest scripts and best superhero performances out there.

I thought the action scenes were cool, there’s no shaky cam or quick-cut bullshit we see a lot these day. The plot is pretty thin but it works perfectly in this film’s context for introducing Deadpool, telling his story, and setting up his motives. Similarly, Ajax (Ed Skrein) isn’t the most fleshed out villain of all time, but for what this movie needed him to be, he was fine. Also references were everywhere and so on point with the entire movie.

It’s a movie that accomplishes exactly what it set out to achieve. It’s funny, tightly scripted, simple and straightforward origin story that works really well despite a disjointed narrative. It has a little bit of everything: tragic specter of cancer which hangs over the character, horror sequences and a love arc which is done right.  Amazing. Simply amazing. It’s a great apology for the fuck up that was Deadpool in Wolverine.

8.5/10, would definitely recommend. However, stay away if you hate dirty jokes and random one-liners.

Side note to those who have watched it; anyone else wondering what the hell happened to that taxi driver?


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