Ugandan hit “WAKO” gets a country tour


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The recently premiered dubbed “Ugandan blockbuster movie” is on for a country tour where it’s meant to be screened in various regions of Uganda, a distribution channel that’s been implemented for this movie to reach the Ugandan audience further than any movie has ever done, this is being organized by the movie’s Producers and Director Zziwa Aaron Alone and Natuhwera Brighton and recently the screening schedule was released showing that the screenings are to start officially from this Friday 13th November 2015 at Cinemax Video Hall in Mutungo, Kampala starting at 7:00 PM with 1,000/= (UGX) entrance fee , the next screening is scheduled to be on Wednesday 18thNovember 2015 at Club Amnesia starting at 9:00 PM with 5,000/= (UGX) entrance fee, followed by Friday 20thNovember 2015 at Club Ambiance, Kampala from 8:00 PM with 20,000/= and 10,000/= (UGX) Entrance fee, and next month on Friday 4th December 2015 at Zebra Hotel in Masaka will be a corporate invites only screening starting at 7:00 PM, they communicated saying that they are looking forward to also screen in Mbarara, Lyantonde, Fort Portal, Jinja and Mbale on dates which they are to announce pretty soon.

If you didn’t know much about this movie, here is a wider hint, it Premiered on Thursday 1st October 2015,at Theatre La’bonita where over 300 people witnessed the Official Premiere of the long waited Ugandan movie dubbed “Blockbuster of 2015” titled “WAKO”, a Ugandan Gangster Film educating crowds about Cervical Cancer and Lung Cancer somehow according to what was portrayed in this motion Picture.

The WAKO movie just to prove and defend itself being dubbed a 2015 Ugandan Blockbuster movie, it won an accolade/award for the Best Feature Film of the year 2015 in the Arusha International Film Festival in Tanzania which happened a few weeks before its premiere where it got its first unofficial screening to the Tanzanians during the festival who embraced it and believed it deserved the award “as I think”

WAKO” The movie follows a story of a male thug/thief (whatever you can call him) called Wako (Geoffrey Echakara aka Joeh Joe) who is released from prison, with only his theft skills to start a new life, on reaching home he gets to find his sister “Sera” (Natuhwera Brighton) diagnosed with Cervical Cancer, she needs 15 million Ugandan Shillings to be treated, WAKO looking at their poor family realizes that he is the only Savior of her life, he embarks on a journey of committing a “few” more crimes (you know what I mean) just to raise enough money to save his sister from danger. This movie shows the hustle he goes through with his best friend “Kujjo” (Zziwa Aaron Alone) in the chase for money through the gangster-ish lifestyle where they get to mess up with a ruthless villain “Muggy” (Robert Ernest Bbumba) and his small gang, the battle continues… #Caution “I saw many guns in this movie, I mean pistols! These gangsters, eh!” this movie features other actors and actresses like; Kato Saddam, Bbira Dissan, Luvanjuma Ivan, Mrush Ntume, Wilson Okwenje Egesa, Bwankia Bbaale Felix, Bukenya Godfrey, Nabatanzi Dianah, Rogers Masaba, Joshua Akuguzibwe, Kevin Mugisha, Naggawa Hellen, Lawrence Mugabe, Kizito Samuel ‘Saviour’, Ssebiranda Edison and many more.

Check out the trailer below;

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